If you are a café owner looking for the very best beverage bases, then you are in the right place.

We are obsessed with flavour, and make the best tasting products available.

Everything we do is plant based, so works well with milk or plant milks.

On this page, we have put together a number of kits that allow you to simply open the box and start serving amazing hot and cold, Alchemy based beverages to your customers.

The kits contain product, plus the optimal pumps for easy accurate mixing.

Once you order, you will be contacted by one of our team members who can either set you up as a wholesale customer, or assist you to find your preferred local distributor.

Any questions? Just give us a call on 07 3488 2335.



Contemporary Cafe Pack

Contemporary Café Pack. In addition to the Barista Basics pack we have added a 750ml Chai Elixir and a 750ml Golden Turmeric Elixir. This allows your café to easily create Chai Lattes, Turmeric Lattes and many other high margin hot and cold beverages.


Alchemy Super Food Elixir Pack

This kit contains 1 x 750 ml Original Golden Turmeric Elixir, 1 x 750 ml Maho Matcha Elixir, 1 x 750 ml Beyond Beetroot Elixir plus 3 x 7.5 ml pumps for easy accurate dosing.


Alchemy Barista Basics Pack

If you as a Cafe/bakery/bar/fast food Owner are wanting to incorporate great all natural Coffee Syrups into your cafe’s culture, you will most likely want to know what is in In the new Alchemy Syrup Intro Kit.


Alchemy Dairy Free Sauces Pack

This kit contains 2 x 2l dairy free Chocolate sauce (66 serves per bottle), 1 x 2l dairy free Caramel sauce, 1 x 2l white chocolate sauce plus 3 x 30 ml sauce pumps for easy accurate serving.


Alchemy Iced Tea Pack

Looking to serve Iced teas in your cafe? This kit contains 1 x 750 ml Lemon Iced Tea Concentrate, 1 x 750 ml Peach Iced Tea concentrate, 1 x 750 ml Cucumber and Mint Iced Tea Concentrate and 3 x 7.5 ml pumps for easy accurate dosing.