Chai Elixir & Energy Chai

The same great Chai you have always loved, now looks even better in Summer.

Chai Elixir 
An authentic Indian Chai experience with Organic Tea, Organic Vanilla and a blend of relaxing spices. Just add milk, hot or cold, for a deliciously transformative twist on tea. 
Energy Chai 
Energy Chai blends stimulating spices with the added benefits of guarana and ginseng for energy ad clarity. Simply add milk, hot or cold, to create the perfect natural energy drink. 
Just add 15 ml of Chai Syrup to a cup 200 ml of milk, icy if you need summer refreshment, or hot and steamy if you're in for a winter treat. 
Add a sprinkle of cinnamon or nutmeg to finish it off.
Alchemy's Chai Elixir is available in 250ml, 750ml & 2L bottles (2L only available in boxes of 6. Please call the office to order 07 3488 2335).
Alchemy's Energy Chai is available in 750ml bottles only.
Available in all good cafes, nationally.

** Please note that the minimum quantity per carton of 750ml products is 3. Cartons can contain mixed flavours but all online orders must be in carton quantity.**


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