As you know the team here at Alchemy are obsessed with flavour and love making the best tasting naturally flavoured drinks imaginable.

They aren't just delicious, They'¬ôre FRAPPULICIOUS! So that is what we called them.
Our Frappulicious Granita syrups could not be easier to make. For a 12 oz granita, you just put 150 ml of the syrup into the blender, add a 12 oz level cup of ice and blend until smooth. Just 2 easy steps!
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The Flavours

Mango, Guava and Lychee

Imagine Kensington Pride & Honey Mango puree mixed with natural guava and lychee flavours, mixed with the tangy zip of vitamin c. This syrup blends up to taste both creamy and Icy at the same time. It is like magic!

Pomegranate and Raspberry

You all know that pomegranate is a superfruit containing massive levels of antioxidants, but do you know how delicious the juice is? Particularly when blended with natural raspberry flavour, and ice? Slightly sweet and also good for you. What a treat?

Lychee & Green Tea

Add a dash of Lychee & Green tea to your lychee martinis for a bit of a twist of the flavour and colour. It is a delicious addition to desserts when made as a jelly. 

Tropical Twist

A blend of pineapple, mango & banana make up our tropical syrup. Tropical makes a delicious frappe & is great in smoothies. Tropical is also amazing as a sorbet.