There is nothing quite so refreshing on a hot day as a delicious glass of iced tea. 


The cold, crisp tartness of the tannin in the tea, mixed with a subtle sweetness and fruit flavour, roundeverything out perfectly. Here at Alchemy, we have selected a premium, single-origin black tea from Ceylon, (where else right?) and artfully blended its bold flavour with fruit and just the right amount of sweetness. 


Our Iced Teas are, of course, all natural, so there are no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or nasties. 


To mix, just add 1 part Iced Tea concentrate to 10 parts water (still or sparkling) and serve over ice.  


Alchemy is at war against single use plastic bottles and that is why we make concentrates. And best of all – it is so easy to use! 





Cucumber & Mint Iced Tea 750ml

I tried this in a café in the UK a few years ago, and I can still taste it now. The cooling cucumber and fresh mint flavours marry so well with the single-origin black tea. This is our founder’s favourite!


Lemon Iced Tea 750ml

The zesty lemon flavour adds to the already zippy Ceylon black tea in this traditional favourite. Try this as a cocktail base…


Peach Iced Tea 750ml

Just so peachy! You can all but taste the fuzz in this delicious and refreshing Peach Iced Tea. We love this in sparkling water, and expect our soda stream will be in high rotation all summer long, making this amazing summer drink.